About Us

We created Kerith to shape future energy systems

Kerith founders Elias & Philipp.

Born out of research cooperation between leading universities, Kerith offers leading energy system optimization and capacity expansion planning tools that outperform current optimization approaches. Therefore Kerith offers intuitive planning tools that generate unique insights for energy planning experts and first-time users.

We combine scientific research with user obsession and the latest technology trends to build tools at the intersection of accurate and easy use.

Our Mission

The transition towards a future with affordable energy costs and reliable and sustainable energy systems is starting to happen worldwide. We want to accelerate this transition and remove all hurdles that unnecessarily complicate and slow the planning and decision process.

By integrating all key players on national & state, city & community, and district & business levels, we enable better decision-making. Combined with the most accurate algorithms, device-independent optimization, and data supply, Kerith unlocks ideal transition paths.

Our mission is to stop ongoing malinvestments and make sure every dollar investment in energy infrastructure is well allocated.

Let's power the transition.

We Believe

Kerith is committed to the SDGs of the UN. We think of affordable, clean, and reliable energy supply as a human right. We also think of cheap energy supply as a backbone of industrialization and economic growth.

Making the global energy supply more sustainable and simultaneously more affordable requires considerable investments in the right technology at the right time. In other words: there was never a greater need for accurate energy system planning. More people should be enabled to do energy system planning, planning and the planning needs to become smarter itself.
To cover this need, we cooperate with leading universities, offer our tools device independently, and partner with NGOs.

 Let’s unlock affordable and clean energy.

Our Story

When Elias Kuepper and Holger Teichgraeber researched the topic back in 2018 at Stanford University, they were shocked about the magnitude of the misallocation due to insufficient planning and misleading tools.

Researchers from RWTH Aachen, FZ Jülich, and Tsinghua University discovered ways to model renewable energy and storage in more detail. In addition, they found approaches to increase planning accuracy while reducing the computing power needed to solve the optimization problem.

At Deep Creek Hot Springs, close to Los Angeles, Elias told his research partner and friend Philipp Otten about a fear he had: What if the game-changing findings they worked on would never reach the energy planning market and therefore wouldn’t be used? What if a huge portion of the money invested in the transition of energy systems would be misallocated due to energy investments?

Together with Joshua, they decided to invent new methods and algorithms based on their research’s foundations and turn those inventions into innovations. They worked on bringing a new generation of energy system planning from lab to market.

Meet the Founders

Lucas Elias Küpper


Elias researched energy systems planning at Stanford University and RWTH Aachen. He focussed his research on accurately modeling the transition to future energy systems with high shares of renewables, seasonal storage, and sector coupling.

He previously participated in the startup Studydrive and lead a water-access project in Cameroon with Engineers Without Borders.

Philipp Otten


Philipp has his background in simulation sciences from RWTH Aachen and power engineering & thermophysics from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

He previously worked on the Optimization and Life Cycle Assessment of Chemical Processes for the RWTH and the Linde AG. He also has experience developing AI and Data Science based solutions for the banking sector.  

Joshua Küpper


Joshua is experienced in venture-, product-, and business development.

He launched a new platform business for Germany's largest home insurer and worked in project management and corporate strategy.

Joshua is also a Lecturer for Coding & Entrepreneurship at TH Köln and a Member of the german society of philosophy.

Come Work with Us

We’re always looking for intrinsically-driven and talented people to join our team, whether as interns or full-time members. We love diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and gender identities.

If you would like to join but no open position directly fits your profile, drop us a mail!
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