About us

We created Kerith to shape the energy supply of the future

Kerith Founders Elias & Joshua.

With our platform "Kerith", energy suppliers and leading industrial companies make strategic investment decisions for the future of their production.

Our goal is to enable companies to make decisions with our algorithms and collaboration functions. Companies around the world are facing the challenge of fundamentally rethinking their energy supply.
This requires a lot of courage and the best possible basis for decision-making.

Our solution is now also suitable for users without an energy background and enables every company to establish a holistic, professional energy strategy.

Our founding story: From a garage in Palo Alto back to North Rhine-Westphalia

In 2018 and 2019, Elias Küpper and Holger Teichgraeber researched at Stanford University how investment decisions in energy infrastructure are currently made and which methods could be used to improve decision quality. The joint research revealed that massive wrong decisions and misallocations are taking place due to insufficient planning and misleading tools.
Together with other researchers from RWTH Aachen, FZ Jülich and Stanford University, they developed ways to vastly improve decision-making and accurately map the opportunities and risks posed by the energy transition.

In Deep Creek Hot Springs, near Los Angeles, Elias Küpper told his research partner and friend Philipp Otten about his concern that the methods they had developed would never be used. Together with Joshua, they decided to take the findings from the lab to application to enable low-cost, sustainable and reliable energy transition.

Founding Team

Lucas Elias Küpper


Elias conducted research in energy system planning at Stanford University and RWTH Aachen University. He focused his research on accurately modelling the transition to future energy systems with a high share of renewable energy, seasonal storage and sector coupling.

During his studies, he worked for Studydrive and led a water access project in Cameroon with Engineers Without Borders.

Joshua Küpper


Joshua studied insurance and risk management at the TH-Köln with a focus on actuarial mathematics.

At the same time, he worked for Germany's second-largest residential building insurer in the operational organisation and managed a group-wide sub-project in purchasing.
Following his studies, he moved to a corporate start-up and managed business development and product development there.

Philipp Otten


Philipp put his scientific focus on simulation sciences at RWTH Aachen University and on energy engineering & thermophysics at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Previously, he worked for RWTH and Linde AG on the optimisation and life cycle assessment of chemical processes. He also has experience in developing AI and data science-based solutions for the banking sector.

Our Mission

The transition to a future with affordable energy costs and reliable and sustainable energy systems is global.

We want to accelerate this transition and remove all hurdles that unnecessarily complicate and slow down the decision for an appropriate energy strategy.

Our mission is to help companies continuously find, implement and evaluate the right energy strategies.

Our values

Kerith is committed to the UN SDGs. We see affordable, clean and reliable energy supply as a human right. We also see affordable energy as the backbone of industrialisation and economic growth.

Making global energy supply more sustainable and affordable at the same time requires significant investment in the right technology at the right time. In other words: The need for accurate planning has never been greater. To meet this need, we partner with leading universities, offer our tools device-independently and work with NGOs.

Jobs at Kerith

We are always looking for dedicated and talented people to join our team, whether as interns or full-time employees.

We love diversity and welcome people from different backgrounds and gender identities. Send us an email if you would like to join us but no vacancy directly fits your profile!