Planning & Collaboration Built for the 21st Century.

Kerith empowers your Sales Team to create on-site microsystem designs with your customers, whether the first draft or a highly detailed and complex transition path is needed.

Join the energy planning movement to the cloud and translate yesterday’s spreadsheet work into collaborative experience for your customers.
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Your Benefits.

Support Your Sales Team Sizing Distributed Energy Systems

Create curated input data and add technology parameters to share them with your Sales Team.

Provide Your Customers the Best Insights and Explanations

Benefit from best-in-class algorithms and scaling computing power to better your decisions.
Share visualizations online and create decision templates containing the most conclusive charts.

Provide Detailed Consultation and Live Support Online

Share access to input data, your underlying assumptions, and energy system infrastructure in real-time. We enable your Sales Team, your Backoffice, and your customers to work together within one tool

What Are the Downsides of Using Kerith?

Kerith is cloud-based only. What leads to many advantages can be perceived as a security risk by your clients.

We use military-grade encryption technologies to reassure your customers, Google Cloud security standards, and third parties have no access to your company's database.

We would be happy to discuss this further with you or your data protection officer.

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