The Humorous Strategizer

In every team, you need someone capable of creating a pleasant, creative atmosphere while working smart and forward-oriented. Josh is exactly that - a strategic-thinking dreamer. This makes working with him a lot of fun; he always knows how to surprise with a new “automagic” idea.

What are your main tasks at kerith? I am setting my knowledge about lean business development, ecosystems, and platformiazation into use and try to create a business model and structure that is as progressive as our algorithms are. I am responsible for HR and everything else business-related except marketing- & content strategy.

How do you spend your free time? I am currently setting up an interfaculty coding club at my former university. The concept is quite similar to a Google DSC.

Why have you decided to join kerith? One day, Elias called me from Palo Alto and told me that he was on to something that could really change the world. He was thinking about founding a company and I loved the Idea and the enormous positive impact it could have - everyone who really knows Elias wouldn’t have let this chance go by.

What makes kerith special for you? We are on a unique Mission, following fantastic goals with a team containing some of the smartest persons I have ever met. We have the opportunity to bring profound change and I am sure that we will.

What are you known for among your colleagues? Being a hyperactive Dreamer. Some call it visionary, some call it jumping from one sugar-high to another. I get excited and euphoric about everything and quickly think big. Mostly the results prove me right.