With this monthly newsletter, we hope to provide you with interesting insights and exciting new findings. Making long-term energy system planning feasible is a joint effort, which is why we want to point out to you what has been keeping us busy this month!

Global Developments

11th August

Is Hydrogen the Future of Energy Generation?

Enapter, a company who designs and produces hydrogen generators, has recently published a paper about their strategy to scale the business. Their goal: hydrogen is deployed at scale and provides a fifth of total final energy consumption by 2050.

Local Developments

6th August

New Law on Off-Shore Park Building

With the “WindSeeG” Federal Economics Minister Altmaier is planning an amendment to the law, which is to be passed by the Bundestag at the end of September. According to this amendment, the wind farm operator with the highest bid will in future be awarded the contract for construction.

18th August

Jobs in the Wind Industry in Decline

Although they are essential for achieving climate targets, the number of newly installed wind turbines has been declining rapidly since 2017. Longer approval procedures, location problems, conflicts with nature conservation and local residents are said to be the reasons. According to industry estimates, up to 40,000 jobs have already disappeared or are in danger of being lost.

19th August

RWE Issues 61.5 Mio New Shares

RWE has issued 61.5 million new shares. The company intends to use the 10% increase in share capital to finance expansion in its new core business of renewable energies. The share currently stands at just under €33 - analysts see it at €37 in the long term.

21th August

Launch of Accelerator Program for Solar Manufacturing

Several institutions have joined forces in the “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator” - an initiative that aims to invest billions of euros in solar production. It is open to all companies and organizations interested in developing or partnering on solar manufacturing projects. The initiators want to shift the focus of the photovoltaic industry from Asia back to Europe.

22th August

Ende of Subsidy for Older Wind Turbines

The subsidy for old wind turbines will expire at the end of 2020. From 2021 on, the guaranteed remuneration of 9ct/kWh will cease to apply, and the electricity from old plants will have to be sold publicly. This decreased margin will potentially lead to a decline in the total number of wind turbines for the first in years.

Let’s get scientifical

Today we would like to introduce you to the YouTube channel of Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy. Founded in 2009, the institute funds energy research at Stanford from science and technology to policy and economics. The videos provide you with insights into the latest research and aim to “educate the next generation of leaders in energy, and nurture a vibrant energy ecosystem here and abroad”.