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Energy Systems.

Kerith is a cloud-based tool that empowers you and your team to collaboratively identify and realize ideal energy system investments.

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How to create accurate investment decisions & verified business cases with Kerith.

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Draw All Data Together

Manage data, assumptions, and energy system infrastructure centrally. Access local weather and consumption data, curated technologies from all major vendors, and component-specific parameters.

Uncover Critical Insights

Use best-in-class algorithms developed at Stanford University to avoid disinvestment. Apply scaling computing power to solve even the most complex questions and run several optimizations in parallel.

Get Your Results Visualized

Gain insights by analyzing the interactive results and comparing several cases. Share visualizations online with Stakeholders involved and create decision templates containing the most conclusive charts.

Share the Access & Collaborate in Real-Time.

Share access to data, energy systems, and results in real-time.

Enable multidisciplinary and distributed teams working together within one tool.

Benefit from Leading Research.

We collaborate with research groups from leading technical universities like Stanford University, RWTH Aachen, FZ Jülich, and ETH Zürich to ensure that you can immediately benefit from the newest scientific findings in your daily work.

Tailored to the Needs of Our Customers.


Deliver High-Value Integrated Resource Plans Faster

Your business thrives when you offer your clients transparent results interactively and put them first. Kerith helps you give your clients the best advice – and work more efficiently.

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Investors + Banks

Invest Your Money Where It’s Most Rewarding

Overcome misallocating 30% of your infrastructure investment caused by conventional planning tools with best-in-class algorithms. Kerith guides you in calculating ideal investment cases - and avoiding malinvestments.

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Do Industry Site Planning in Collaboration with Your Clients

Calculate energy system business cases that meet your client’s specific needs. Kerith empowers you to involve your clients in the planning process – and to work more collaboratively.

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Prove the Benefits of Using Your Components to Increase Your Sales

Uncover opportunities, boost revenues, and engage customers with detailed investment advice. Kerith helps you to calculate unbiased business cases for your customers  – and grow sales.

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Recognition & Awards.

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