Kerith App mit Wind-Turbine und Photovoltaik-Anlage im Hintergeund

Maximise Savings and Make Your Energy Supply

✓ More Sustainable
✓ More Resilient
✓ More Predictable

Counter uncertainties in volatile energy prices and energy supply with a far-sighted energy strategy.

Kerith App mit Wind-Turbine und Photovoltaik-Anlage im Hintergeund
Kerith App im Vergleich mit herkömmlichen Datenverarbeitungs-Tool

The Kerith Energy Decision Manager - Your Command Center

Achieve maximal saving, secure your energy supply for the long term, and find the right strategy to realize your company's sustainability goals.

We give you the software it takes to make, implement, and monitor the energy strategy that best fits your company's goals. We empower your energy strategy with tools previously available to leading energy companies only.

Cut Energy Costs

Our artificial intelligence identifies your company's energy cost-saving potentials and suggests necessary measures to realize the savings.

Achieve Resilience Goals

Determine your company's risk-bearing capacity and necessary risk management measures in our tool.

Realize Emission Goals

Our tool provides a clear decarbonization path, including all costs accruing and component-specific measures to realize carbon neutrality.

Find Exact Answers to Urgent Questions

Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Are You a CFO?

How will your energy costs develop over the next 4 years across all locations?

How can the development of energy costs be contained and what are the potential savings?

How much money do you have to set aside for investments in our energy infrastructure?
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Are You a CEO?

What impact does the war in Ukraine have on your energy supply and how can you hedge against it?

How can cost savings, sustainability and risk reduction be combined in an energy strategy?

What degrees of freedom do you have in your energy supply and how would these options play out in different scenarios?
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Are You a CSO?

What is the decarbonisation path for your biggest site until 2030?

What budget do you need for the next 2 years in order to stay on schedule with climate neutrality?

What opportunity costs will incur if you want to become climate neutral five years earlier?

One Holistic Strategy, Across One or Multiple Facilities

We started Kerith in 2020 as a software solution for energy companies to answer precisely such questions. After our successful launch for energy companies, we are now opening our tool and artificial intelligence to non-energy companies.

Product Details

Energy Generation

Identify the most cost-effective energy mix, self-generation opportunities and sector coupling potential on your site in our tool.
Our software assesses investment cases across all sectors, including electricity, heat, cooling and many more.

Energy Storage

Setup energy storage to purchase energy in times of low cost and run your onsite generation more efficiently.
Thanks to our tools advice, you can identify the best suiting technologies and setup from various onsite options like thermal, electrical, or gas storage.

Efficiency Measures

Analyze the benefits of demand reduction measures like heat integration.
Our Software balances the investment cost of efficiency measures with the operational savings and potential changes in your energy tariffs.

Energy Trade & PPAs

Our tool also assesses whether Power Purchase Agreements and market trading could be a cost-saving complement to your current energy tariffs and identifies peak-shaving potential to reduce your energy tariffs effectively.

Don't Focus on One Technology: Consider Every Possible Measure with our Energy Decision Manager

Onsite Energy Generation:

✓ Technology & Size
✓ Detailed Operation
✓ Sector Coupling

Our artificial intelligence investigates infrastructure expansion and retirement on a system component level. Our algorithms consider and evaluate every kind of energy generation and conversion possible at your company site, including electricity, heating, cooling, compressed air, and even chemicals. The algorithms forecast the operation, including ramping, operating times and more.

Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Onsite Energy Storage:

✓ Technology & Size
✓ Aging & Degeneration
✓ Seasonal Storage

Our algorithms forecast short-term as well as seasonal storage with great detail. The algorithms even consider physical and cyclic aging processes and can dimension charge, discharge, and storage units independently.

Efficency Measures:

✓ Flexibilization
✓ Heat Integration
✓ Equipment Update

Our algorithms can model heat integration and other efficiency measures. The algorithms determine how the measures will affect onsite generation, onsite storage, or energy tariffs and provide you with a holistic insight.

Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Energy Trade:

✓ Energy Tariffs & PPAs
✓ Emission Trading
✓ Peak-Shaving

Our artificial intelligence determines which purchase and sell options fit your energy consumption that you cannot meet with onsite generation and storage, including complex utility energy tariffs, power purchase agreements, and wholesale trading.
Additionally, our algorithms optimize peak shaving to reduce your energy costs effectively.

Recognition & Awards

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Continous artificial intelligence insights in one month

Step 1:
Initial Meeting

We want to get to know your company. We are keen to understand your specific needs and situation in an inital call.
Duration: 40 minutes

Step 2:

Our Onboarding consists of three workshops. These are divided into a kickoff meeting, the digital twin integration and a validation workshop.
Duration: 2-4 weeks

Step 3:
Execute & Adapt

Once the Energy Decision Manager is set up, you can immediately make decisions with the highest degree of trust. You will know exactly what to do and will be able to adapt to any change rapidly.