What It Takes to Better Your Energy Decisions

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Digital Twin

A digital twin of your companies energy infrastructure makes the status quo more transparent and computable.

Our tool enables simple capturing of all consumers, producers & tariffs in one universal single source of truth.
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete


The advanced algorithms suggest ideal energy strategies and investment decisions for multiple scenarios.

Our tool identifies necessary measures and gives detailed forecasts thanks to Big Data and Machine-Learning.
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete


Once you have decided on your company's energy strategy, execute your plan and adjust your strategy if needed.

Our tool enables collaboration and track keeping with all relevant departments in one platform.

Collaboration of all Departments Involved in Planning and Execution

Bring all your companies' experts & perspectives together.

Sustainability Management

Sets and updates the sustainability goals that work as a boundary condition for all energy strategy decisions in our tool.

Facility Management

Updates the digital twin's energy infrastructure, requests offers and checks the practicability of measures suggested.

Supply Chain Management

Oversees and manages the energy supply in our tool, from purchasing the necessary amount of primary energy carriers to updating energy tariffs.


Monitors and hedges the failure and cost risks by creating future scenarios and recording the risk sensitivity of the infrastructure in our software.

Components & Features of Our Product

Modules and data packages that support across the entire management cycle.

Optimierungsmodell – Kosten für Energie Produktion

Transparency & planning security:

✓ Cost analysis
✓ Risk assessment
✓ Saving potentials

Kerith simulates various market developments and scenarios for your energy infrastructure, giving you an assessment of the future of your energy costs, risk situation and savings potential.

Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete
Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Decision-making & proposals for action:

✓ Steering measures
✓ Action plans
✓ Impacts

Receive decision papers that are ready for decision-making, taking into account a wide range of scenarios.
Each decision document contains a detailed analysis of the financial and energy-related consequences, as well as the risk reduction.

Up-to-date & re-evaluation:

✓ Monitoring
✓ Warnings
✓ Adaption proposals

React in time to market changes or implementation problems of previous control measures.
Benefit from automatic warnings if basic assumptions turn out to be out of date and remain dynamic in your energy strategy thanks to our parameter and scenario monitoring.

Kerith App mit Einblick in Maßnahmen-Pakete

Why Kerith?

Use tools that were previously only available to energy companies.

Game-Changing Foresight

Our AI algorithms leads to precise planning results. Unlock more informed investment, trading, and operation decisions.

You can gain more accuracy due to our more advanced representation of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and technology. Take control and adapt the input-data-driven and modular model to your specific needs - with no need to write a single line of code.

Leading Sector Coupling

Make optimal investment decisions that reflect the development of all relevant sectors. Kerith offers sector coupling and energy optimization across the

- power,
- gas,
- heating,
- transportation,
- and the hydrogen sector.

There are so many combinations possible, but there but one tool to identify the ideal.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration between analysts, stakeholders, and executives is essential for planning accurately and executing precisely. With our cloud-native application and user-focused interface, all experts and decision maker can develop a leading energy strategy togehter.

Kerith provides you with a private, company-wide database. This database allows teams to share and edit input data, assumptions, and energy infrastructure. You can even share results and interactive visualizations easily via a link.

Secure & Compliant

We protect your sensitive assumptions, infrastructure data, and insights, by using safe infrastructure, hosted in Europe, with the highest levels of security and compliance, including:

ISO 27001 Certified
Military-grade encryption at rest & in-transit
Maintenance and patching
Third-party vulnerability and penetration testing
24x7 monitoring & support

Recognition & Awards

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Continous artificial intelligence insights in one month

Step 1:

We want to get to know your company. We are keen to understand your specific needs and situation in an inital call.
Duration: 40 minutes

Step 2:

We identify how your energy strategy could contribute to your companies objectives in a strategy workshop.
Duration: 1-2 days

Step 3:

Based on the workshop results, we make a rough projection on how much your energy strategy could pay towards your goals.
Duration: 1-2 days

Step 4:

If the payoff is rewarding, we will implement the modules necessary for your team to identify and execute the best strategy.
Duration: 1-2 weeks